Stickers, Cards and Collectors.

The most common place we think of when we think of Scratch and Sniff would be stickers. Smells are a great way of enticing and interacting with kids.  Back in 1977, Creative Teaching Press was one of the first to combined the two, creating the first mass produced Scratch and Sniff stickers. They were available in 24 styles and are now referred to as CTP77’s by collectors (yes collectors!). These stickers were mainly used as rewards for a teacher’s students. The era of Scratch and Sniff seemed to be during the 70’s & 80s, but as the years went on, Scratch and Sniff stickers began to become again more and more popular. In 2000 for example, Panini, the world renowned sticker producer, produced the Simpsons sticker album which included among other options, a Scratch and Sniff range.

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