Scratch and Sniff books, magazines and comics are not usually the places that spring to mind when using Scratch and Sniff.  Scratch and sniff can work wonders if paired with a book, magazine or comic.

In 2014, DC Comics released a Scratch and Sniff edition of Harley Quinn, the suicide squad member, the edition took you on a tour of her Coney Island home.

Richard Bett produced ‘The essential Scratch and Sniff guide to becoming a Wine Expert’. He used Scratch and Sniff in the book so he was able to help the reader identify the different scents and aspects of wines, also by using Scratch and Sniff the reader was able to interact in a fun way, whilst learning.

In 1999, Gran Turismo 2 used Scratch and Sniff in a strange marketing strategy, in a 2-disc edition of the game,  one of the disc was blue and featured with the smell of fuel and burning rubber. Even though this is not the first time the gaming world has used Scratch and Sniff, it was earlier back in 1995, where Super Nintendo’s Earthbound game came with a set of cards, designed to be scratch and sniffed whilst playing the game at certain times, again a excellent example of how Scratch and Sniff engages and interacts with the user. In 2000, Fifa 2001 applied the scent of a football stadium turf on to its disc.

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